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True story: “An introduction to my recovery – life’s great!”

By David Hurst | May 3, 2022

Here’s Chris, who I was fortunate enough to be asked to help, speaking honestly about where he was, what he did – and how life is now. Chris: “A light overview of how my recovery journey began, hopefully something in here that you can relate to.”

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how to stop anxiety

How to beat anxiety

By David Hurst | Apr 17, 2022

A brief introduction on how everyone can beat anxiety, no one has to suffer from it, that it is to do with the ultimate choice we all have… that most people don’t realise we have.

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Food for mental health and fasting for mental health and emotional wellbeing spiritual growth

Understanding foods and fasting for your overall wellbeing & happiness

By David Hurst | Apr 4, 2022

Our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing are completely connected. So, having the right diet will significantly help in every aspect of someone’s life. For instance, deficiencies in nutrients and vitamins will affect not only how our skin and hair looks but also negatively impact our mood and energy levels. If we eat a poor diet…

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gratitude recovery 12 Steps Higher Power well-being

Why gratitude is so vital in recovery and for wellbeing

By David Hurst | Apr 2, 2022

Gratitude is essential if you want to live a happy and purposeful life – and get on in recovery. Wellbeing Coach David Hurst outlines exactly why in this video.

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Recovery 12 Steps Twelve Steps one day at a time adapt

21 ways to live brilliantly

By David Hurst | Mar 15, 2022

There are some things that if you do them every day you will find they give you a good day – and even a brilliant day. What I love about these is they cannot NOT work – so long as you work them. These are always suggestions only. Try them, I’d suggest for at least…

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Romance is in the air… how to make sure relationships are healthy

By David Hurst | Mar 6, 2022

As poet Tennyson wrote: “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” It’s the same for a young woman of course, and in today’s world it will include not only the young, but all ages. One of the reasons is that springtime signifies new things in nature. There are new…

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Love mental health recovery article failure of love disorder of love

What is love – and are mental health problems actually “disorders of love”?

By David Hurst | Feb 13, 2022

Why do we fall in love with a certain someone? Or as parents or grandparents what is it that gives such a powerful feeling inside us from the moment we know the baby is on its way. It is so difficult to describe what love actually is. Perhaps this is because one definition could be:…

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author Matt Haig depression article wellbeing coach author David Hurst

Suffering from depression: ‘It was touch and go, but I didn’t jump’ – my interview with bestselling author Matt Haig

By David Hurst | Jan 26, 2022

The author of A Boy Called Christmas, The Midnight Library, The Humans, Reasons To Stay Alive, How To Stop Time and many more brilliant bestsellers spoke to me about how the darkness descended on him and what he did to stay alive. “I can remember the day the old me died. It started with a…

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How is recovery at the start?

By David Hurst | Jan 20, 2022

Everyone has their own journey, naturally. Consequently, recovery can be extremely different. However, we all have the exact same human condition with the same feelings. Those feelings of, say, happiness are the same whether within someone in Australia and their cousin in England or in you today and in an ancestor of yours from 5,000…

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