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"For anyone struggling, for those keen to enhance themselves & their lives, grow spiritually, find inner strength, the hero inside, gain courage to face biggest fears, to become your very greatest ideal."

David Hurst Wellbeing Coach recovery addiction specialist

Wellbeing Coach

If anything is causing you or someone you love an emotional disturbance, unhappiness or there's a mental health problem including addiction – I can help. Because I've been there.

Or maybe you need a fresh look, guidance or a re-evaluation to deal with a change, situation or crisis. Perhaps you're after a boost to revitalise or prepare yourself for a new chapter, direction or venture in life.

If there are specific issues that need instantly looking at I will help. My aim is to guide you to be who you can be. If you don't think you can, I'll encourage and show you that – YOU CAN.

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I've written four recovery books covering all aspects of mental health – with one vital aspect in common: they show not how to survive but how to THRIVE from and because of mental health problems.

For 30 years I've been a writer for national newspapers and magazines around the world, including for The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Psychologies, GQ, Esquire, Marie Claire, Ottawa Citizen and The Australian

I've also written many of the articles you see on the websites of renowned international recovery & rehab centres.

"The gift of healing is a privilege and you have acquired it over many years so that others can benefit from your wisdom transference."

Mark, London, UK.

"You have certainly helped me in the past year. I’m sure many more will benefit from your wisdom, care and nurturing to get them through difficult times."

Tanya, England.

"You have a great ear for this. So pleased you are using the term wellbeing as mental health doesn't really equate to what we are dealing with here."

Maggie, Scotland.

"You are wonderful at what you do. I am so glad you appeared when I needed it and keep doing so. Thank you for being you."

Alexandra, France.

"You have helped me so much, you're an amazing person – I'm en route back to happiness."

T, Spain.

"Professional, understanding, clear and patient."

Racquel, London, UK.

"With your guidance I've gone from living my life… to actually living."

EO, Spain.

"I have spent 12 months with David, and the changes around my life are at times indescribable."

C, Spain.

"I was riddled with anger, confusion, fear and self-loathing. After David's gentle guidance, I’m now understanding the answers to overcoming, and being at peace with myself."

T, London, UK.

"I am a new person with purpose now and the ability to see what I just could not see before."

CH, Spain.

"I'm enjoying the results of a much more positive life.”

OZ, Spain.

"With David as my mentor means me being the person I was meant to be. Not who I wanted to be."

MG, Ireland.

"I AM WHO I AM. Thank you David. This is so life-changing."

MS, Scotland.


I have sessions whenever is best for you. These are personalised, uniquely for you and your specific needs – to help you deal with and overcome ANY issues or mental health problems. I work with individuals, couples and families in person and/or via phone or video-calls (WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom).

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I understand what you or someone you care about is going through, whatever the situation or condition, I can instantly help you. Because I've been there. Recovery from alcoholism, other addictions or any emotional disturbance & mental health problem is completely achievable. There is ALWAYS a solution.

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Since 2002 I have successful continual recovery at my first endeavour. I'm living proof that recovery from any condition is not only possible, but that it is possible to THRIVE from and because of them. In fact recovery is like space travel: the more you go on the more you see there is new – and the further you can go.

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