Transform yourself in the most positive way for the rest of your entire life – in just five mornings.

The brief video above is the view from where I will sit with you on my Twelve Steps & Hero's Journey WOW (Workshop for the Outside World) intensive but relaxing high-value programme.

It is to transform your life completely and positively in less than a week.

Of course, it can also be run through on video-calls. So that in under a week – from the comfort of your own home – you can gain so much so quickly.

This comprehensive workshop course is for everyone, regardless of their current circumstances. That is, whether you are generally struggling with life, facing certain challenges, experiencing success but would like a boost, or undergoing significant life changes.



Transform yourself in the most positive way for the rest of your entire life – in just five mornings.



At any moment, life can present us with various trials that can be stressful – such as relocating to a new area or country, relationship issues, break-ups, a bereavement, mental health problems, a health diagnosis, job loss or transitions, starting a new business

If you have a partner or someone else who you're close to who's in Twelve Steps recovery and you'd like to have what they have gained and/or see what it's all about, this WOW course is ideal for you. Also, if you’ve been through these Steps/the Hero’s Journey with me and feel like you need a swift refresher.

The purpose of this course is to give you an efficient and remarkable programme for happy and effective living – at your full potential.

It's a course in a stunningly beautiful sunny location that delivers instant yet lasting spectacular results. These you will have for the rest of your life.

The positive effect of this method is absolutely unbelievable. Just have a look at the amazing testimonials towards the end of this page, which are only a small set of the wonderfully positive messages of thanks I've received (and that I'm always so grateful to receive).



Recovery counselling therapy in Nerja Andalucia Spain

From top left, clockwise: Nerja's Balcon de Europa; Nerja Caves; one of Nerja's 12 beaches; sunset in nearby Torrox Costa; Marina del Este in nearby La Herradura


Get in touch with me any time and I'll set this all up for you. There will also be some specific dates that I'll announce on my Facebook page.

It takes place in Nerja, a beautiful coastal town with a stunning mountain-range backdrop – in southern Spain's historical and fiesta-loving Andalucia.

Everything is perfect here, from the friendly laid-back people, to the beautiful architecture and scenery, the numerous beaches and clear waters of the sea, the pure blue or vast starry skies, the delicious cuisine, the awe-inspiring cathedral-esque caves – and of course sunny warm idyllic days.

For those already in Twelve Steps recovery or who feel they could benefit from a Twelve Steps group meeting there are four English language AA meetings a week in Nerja plus one NA meeting in English. There are also Scandinavian and Spanish AA meetings, as well as more English language AA meetings within 30 minutes’ drive of Nerja and all along the Costa del Sol, which has more than 50 meetings in English every week.


Nerja counselling recovery mental health therapy

Stunning sunsets like this are almost every evening in nearby Torrox



In fact, there are more than 300 days of sunshine a year in this region that weather experts have declared as "Europe's best climate".

The course is in the mornings only (and doesn't start too early!) for five days. Afternoons and evenings are all yours.

This means you can chill on one of the numerous beautiful beaches, sunbathe by a pool, or walk in the majestic mountains.

Or you could eat out at one of the many fantastic restaurants. Also, visit one of the nearby historical and cultural cities such as Malaga or Granada – where the famous Alhambra Palace is a must-see for everyone at least once in their life.


recovery 12 steps course mental health heros journey costa del sol

Granada's breathtaking Alhambra Palace


Some if not all the workshop takes place outdoors, especially in the beautiful tranquil olive grove as in the brief video clip at the top of this page.

The sheer tranquillity and magic in the air here just has to be felt – I really cannot describe it.

If raining (extremely rare!) or too hot (July and August can be, especially in the afternoons), the workshop can move to a room that's ideal for it too.

The olive grove has these unforgettable and inspiring views in the pics below – of the azure sea looking towards Africa one way and the captivating mountains the other way.


Nerja recovery workshop andalucia spain counselling therapy



This can be just for you on a one-to-one basis. Or for you and someone you know or even a group of people you know. (There's no limit on numbers, although generally I will keep it to a maximum of six people.)

Or you can join the other like-minded people who are also looking for this at the same time as you. No doubt if you do this, there will be a reason for you meeting these new people in your life and for them to meet you.

It could well be that – and I wouldn't be surprised at all – it is the start of new friendships that last forever.



Workshop 12 Steps recovery in the sun



Investment: At present, it's a special introductory price of £488 per person for the five mornings of the course. Also payable in Euros or US dollars.

Fully included in your investment are copies of my books 12 Steps To 1 Hero and Words To Change Your Life for you to keep – plus free access to my 13-series video course, which you can also keep to watch whenever you want or need afterwards.

If there's more than one of you, we can chat about the price. Get in touch here.


Accommodation: There are various options to choose – from hotels, apartments, luxury villas, wooden chalets or bell-tent camping. The choice is excellent in Nerja as well as in nearby Torrox, Frigiliana, Maro and La Herradura

Price will depend on type of accommodation and what season of the year you are visiting (to let you know, every season is usually sunny every day!). But there's plenty of accommodation for every budget.

Again, we can chat if you contact me about what you'd like – and get that arranged.


Getting to Nerja: You book your own flights. Nearest airport is Malaga (45 minutes' drive from Nerja). Also, there are some flights to Granada (one hour). If transfer is needed from the airport, let me know and I'll help you with this.

If you would prefer to travel by road, again let me know and I can advise. I have great experience with this from when we travelled as a family (with a crazy collie dog too!) in a motorhome around Europe and particularly Spain for a few years.



Group workshop



Every day runs from 10am-12.30pm.


Day 1 – Steps 1, 2 and 3. 

  • This will reveal how when we are powerless over something it will cause us continual problems. Until we acknowledge that it will nearly always get progressively worse.
  • Then these three stages of your personal Hero's Journey are about realising what is blocking you from being your greatest ideal.
  • Finally, learning how to get power over whatever it is/they are. This way, it/they are no longer a problem, and you can start to be the very best version of yourself, living with your maximum energy – a huge boost – to your full ultimate potential.


Day 2 – Steps 4 and 5.

  • This stage of your personal Hero's Journey, Step 4, is the most phenomenal process I've ever learned in my life. If it was taught in schools, there would be hardly any of the personal and world problems of today: it is that effective and amazing!
  • It's to do with self-examination. It is also an emotional stock clearance – something that absolutely everyone needs to do, but that only a very few people ever do in their life.
  • After this, you will feel so much lighter and brighter. It is as if boulders strapped to your back that have kept you in the shadows and weighed you down have at last been dropped – allowing you to step into the beautiful warming sunlight.
  • You will learn how to run your emotions rather than having your emotions run you. You won't know just how utterly outstanding and freeing this process is until you've done it. I really wish everyone in the world would. That's my aim.


Day 3 – Steps 6 and 7.

  • This is about looking into: are you really ready to change? That is, to make this giant positive transformation, one that will transform your world into something absolutely extraordinary.
  • We deal here with fear: the fear of failure, but also the fear of success. Deep-down, everyone knows there are great infinite resources that we all have inside, super powers if you will. It's why superhero films are so popular – because they resonate with us. We can all be Superman or Wonder Woman (who was, incidentally, created by a psychologist…)!
  • This also looks at why fear of full achievement and success can be due to the famous quote from Spider-Man: "With great power comes great responsibility." We learn how to overcome this fear. So that you can be your very greatest ideal every single day for the rest of your life.


Day 4 – Steps 8 and 9.

  • This stage of your Hero's Journey is about facing more fears. Especially your greatest fears. That is, slaying your dragons – including the most powerful one.
  • It is the equivalent of the part towards the end in Hero's Journey films where there is often a bright powerful explosion or fireworks that light the entire sky. It is the passionate explosive spiritual climax!
  • Everyone is fully capable of this, if guided in the right way by someone who has slain their own dragons. That's why in every Hero's Journey story there is a mentor, and in the Twelve Steps groups there are sponsors who are enthusiastic encouragers and guides.
  • It is about learning to live through Love not Fear. It's about living your life to the full using all your God-given talents and skills – and always with the utmost energy you have at your command.
  • You will know your real self for sometimes what seems like it's the first time. In truth, it is a recovery. Hence why this process is often called "recovery" – although, sadly and tragically, much of what is called recovery today is all too often about just coping or surviving better rather than regaining the full magnificent whole true self.
  • When you know your real self, you are then able to make the best choices: around your relationships; work; where you live; about your one chance at this beautiful life.
  • There will be no more overthinking, doubt or hesitation: you just know. You will be full of self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence – just as was there inside you the day you were born.


Day 5 – Steps 10, 11 and 12.

  • It's nearly time to go home, to return to where you came from – although you might well be inspired now, with no fear, to make the changes you've been thinking about: with that job, that business, those relationships or that particular one, and where you live. But when you get back for now, although it will be the same place it will never seem the same again, in an almost incomprehensibly positive way.
  • There will be a new sparkle in your eyes and what seems like a new sparkle in the air around you and around wherever you look. In fact, you will realise, it was always there all along…
  • This last morning of the workshop programme is to show you how to maintain the magic, this new inner power you've gained, this fresh sparkle and immense vitality – this surging energy and renewed sense of purpose and meaning. This powerful sense of self.
  • If you do this, not only will you keep it, it will also grow – and life will just get better and better. It will be beyond your wildest dreams!
  • It is that, whatever your age (I've helped people aged from 18 to 75), the best years of your life are here and now – and they will keep on forever coming, one wonderful day at a time.



Nerja recovery workshop andalucia spain counselling therapy



Beyond the immediate benefits, I have a much larger vision for this, which I first discovered during my own transformative journey when it started in 2002.

While the process I guide people through has evolved with numerous enhancements, the underlying objective remains the same – to spread awareness about the incredible power of the Twelve Steps combined with going on your very own personal Hero's Journey.

I fully believe that everyone needs to undertake this transformative experience to unlock their true potential – and become their greatest ideal.

That is, who you are truly meant to be and who you can be.



12 Steps recovery in the sun therapy counselling couching Andalucia Nerja Spain


I'll guide you, and you can do this because everyone with this human condition can.

The concept of the Hero's Journey, which traces back to our earliest ancestors and that resonates in the world's most loved and celebrated stories – from ancient Greek myths and Norse legends to the religious texts, bestselling novels and Hollywood blockbusters – encourages us to embark on our own unique path to self-discovery.

While the protagonist may differ across these narratives, the fundamental story remains the absolute same, presented in diverse and captivating ways.

These Hero's Journey tales from throughout the ages and right up to the latest novel publications and film releases now, have one shared goal. That is, to remind us of the importance of embracing our own heroic qualities, for the word "hero" originates from a word meaning "protector".

By going on your own Hero's Journey, you will find yourself with a sense of safety and liberation, freeing yourself from unnecessary worries, stress, fears and anxieties.

Joseph Campbell, the exceptional Professor of Literature who realised the concept of the Hero's Journey, said: "The goal of the Hero's Journey is yourself finding yourself."



12 Steps recovery in the sun therapy counselling couching Andalucia Nerja Spain


My book 12 Steps to 1 Hero is the first book in the world to truly delve into this powerful and extraordinary connection between the Twelve Steps and the twelve stages of the Hero's Journey.

Used as a guidebook in my personal one-to-one coaching sessions, it has already proven immensely successful in enabling people to go on their very own personal Hero's Journey.

This has led to swift and remarkable positive transformations. Even some life-saving ones.

From this workshop, people will gain everything they really want and need – to be able to confidently say: "I am who I am."

My experience is that this is all anyone is really seeking in this life.



Hero's Journey recovery 12 Steps Twelve Steps Joseph Campbell


It is my ultimate ambition for the entire world to know this phenomenal method for living, for everyone to go on their own personal Hero's Journey through this exceptional way.

In fact, I really believe that if the entire world were to know this way of living our lives, we would see no more war. Those who reach Step 4/Stage 4 of their personal Hero's Journey consistently agree with this, that it is genuinely that extraordinary.

What really excites me is the absolute effectiveness of this process when undertaken wholeheartedly, fearlessly and honestly. It is a mental, emotional and spiritual law that this great positive transformation will happen. This improves and boosts physical health too.

In addition, there are add-ons we can do that will also enhance growth and the overall positive experience while you're here.

These include adventures such as reaching the perfect peak in the mountains; entering the cave (we fear to enter to gain the treasure we need); wellbeing walks; transformational talks under the tree; horse therapy; pool healing; and a breathtaking soul renewal meditation on the beach.



12 Steps recovery in the sun therapy counselling couching Andalucia Nerja Spain Hero's Journey

Sunrise on the way to Nerja



Everyone’s starting point on this journey may differ. You might be at rock bottom, unable to endure your current circumstances any longer, feeling trapped with your back against the wall.

Alternatively, you may be seeking an energy boost, and sensing the need to rediscover yourself.

Wherever you are presently in life, I promise you that if you do this course with thoroughness, honesty and fearlessness you will positively transform in a way that is beyond your wildest dreams.

Life will go from ordinary to extraordinary, from black and white to technicolour and from humdrum or blandness to an excitement that's full of meaning.



Gratitude recovery mental health wellbeing


You will learn to live with no fear. It's such an exhilarating way to be, and just how we are supposed to be.

Many people have said to me that they really didn't know just how much fear they had until they had gone on their personal Hero's Journey.

It also means there is a positive effect on everyone around you. Your family, friends, associates and colleagues will realise something is different, something is magically better.

As someone who has experienced my own positive personal transformation and guided countless others on theirs, I am aware of the direction you need to take. And I know everyone can do it – no matter where you are right now in your life.

A face-to-face session with me provides a more personal and individualised experience (unless you're the only one on the workshop, in which case it's comparable).

However, this workshop course is an exceptional and effective means of guiding you along this amazing process and method for living.

Furthermore, should you wish, there is always the opportunity to work together in your own personalised one-to-one session afterwards at a discounted price. This allows for the chance to look at specific concerns or challenges that are unique to you.



Recovery book

Paragraph from my book 12 Steps To 1 Hero


I genuinely hope you make the choice to embark on this extraordinary transformational holiday. I know the incredible gain you can have, regardless of your current circumstances.

For a wholehearted and heartfelt reason, our ancestors were driven to encourage us on this courageous human quest.

Even today, although not all of them may fully know it, the world's greatest storytellers are still aiming to inspire us through their stories to go on our very own personal Hero's Journey.

This is the fundamental driving force behind my enthusiasm and dedication: I have personally witnessed thousands of times now the absolutely positive transformation and inner peace experienced by people after discovering this way to live.

It gives the greatest energy boost and allows people to sleep the best they ever have too – which only gives yet more positive energy.



Recovery workshop in the sun mental health Wellbeing Life Coach Counsellor Therapist

Early morning view over Nerja



This includes multi-millionaires who even halfway into this process have said to me with a renewed sparkle in their eyes: "This is all and everything I have ever really wanted in my life."

They realise that all their material things, money and status are mere morsels compared to the gain of this: to know who you really are, to be who you really are.

Because of this, to feel safe and protected – and to know an inner peace that is like a warm bright light radiating from within.

Additionally, while friends, family, associates and colleagues may not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is, they will be grateful for it and they will want to bathe themselves in it.

Because they sense this something special, people will increasingly seek your presence, plus your help and guidance. This only enhances the new positive feeling as we start to feel better, brighter and stronger from within.

There truly is no need to struggle through life in any way, even through life's challenges.

We all possess the inherent ability to become the person we are truly meant to be, an amazing person here with the gift of life for an amazing reason, living in peace and with meaning and happiness.

I sincerely hope you will choose this five-day workshop course holiday, with me as your personal guide on this extraordinary journey.



counsellor therapist coach testimonials


Here are just a few testimonials from the many people I have helped over the years. It's so heartwarming to receive messages like this.


"With your guidance I've gone from living my life… to actually living." – EO, Spain.

"On this Hero's Journey, David's wisdom, understanding and honesty throughout never faltered. He has taught me so much about life and myself. With David as my mentor means me being the person I was meant to be. Not who I wanted to be." – MG, Ireland.

"I was depressed, drinking excessively, aggressive and driven helplessly by a need to distract myself from my life. David guides you through and my life is colourful now. I am a new person with purpose now and the ability to see what I just could not see before." – CH, Spain.

"You are wonderful at what you do. I am so glad you appeared when I needed it and keep doing so. Thank you." – AB, France.

"I was riddled with anger, confusion, fear and self-loathing. After David's gentle guidance, I’m now at peace with myself." – TH, England.

"The changes around my life are at times indescribable." – DB, Spain.

I'm enjoying the results of a much more positive life. Thank you David, I wouldn't be where I am without your guidance." – OZ, England.

"I AM WHO I AM. Thank you David. This is so life-changing." – MS, Scotland.



Wellbeing Life Coach Counsellor Therapist contact

We use my book 12 Steps To 1 Hero as a guide


To learn even more about what I offer and the benefits you can expect, please visit my Wellbeing Coach page.

I am an author with four published books on mental health recovery, including 12 Steps To 1 Hero, The Anxiety Conversation, and Words To Change Your Life.

Previously a freelance journalist (mostly health and travel, some interviews, music and football too), I have written for national newspapers and magazines worldwide, including The Guardian, Psychologies, GQ, Esquire, Marie Claire and The Times.

Since January 2002, I have been in successful and continuous recovery. For more information, please have a look at my home page.

Hope to see you soon.


Recovery in the sun mental health Wellbeing Life Coach Counsellor Therapist

Moonlight from Nerja's shore