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This excerpt from my book 12 Steps To 1 Hero perhaps best sums up my aims for everyone.

I will help you realise the way to peace of mind, meaning and happiness. This is through making choices that enable a wholly positive manner of living.

When you have your meaning, you will always know happiness.

And everyone is here for an amazing reason! 

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Everyone is unique of course and as such, after carefully listening, I will offer personal individualised guidance.

This will be whatever will work for each person to enable the swiftest, strongest and most enduring remedy and/or recovery.

For people suffering with mental health problems and/or emotional issues I will help you to see that whatever has brought you to me is actually to help guide you.

It's to direct you to where you need to be going and how you are meant to be growing.


Self-help book


I look to the 12 Steps recovery programme, a remarkable method of guiding principles for any person – and whatever it is that needs treating, improving or inspiring.

I am also influenced by psychiatrist Carl Jung, self-help author & motivational speaker Wayne Dyer, counsellor and author John Bradshaw, addiction expert Dr Gabor Maté and psychiatrist Dr Peter Breggin.

I will also bring in my own knowledge and experience gained in 20 years of recovery & self-improvement.

And in that time from helping many people thrive to realise meaning, wellbeing and happiness.


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Therapy is "treatment to relieve or heal a disorder". I look to completely heal.

This means guiding until you feel together, with your world fully back in order. I'll also show you how to thrive and how to keep increasing this new positive energy.

I'm the author of four books covering all aspects of mental health, emotional issues, and spiritual and personal growth.

Together we can go through one or more of my books to help you. 12 Steps To 1 Hero was specifically written for and is especially useful as a guide in this way.

Positive recovery self-help book Twelve Steps 12 Steps hero's journey Joseph Campbell


Coaching is when someone qualified to do so offers information that empowers another person to make informed choices that will improve their life.

I firmly believe the best help and guidance comes from someone who's been where you are emotionally, spiritually and physically. In fact, I think it is essential.

This is why I am now grateful for my own personal experiences. I have fully earned the knowledge I have.




If you're struggling with any of these issues I can help you:

– Depression.

– Anxiety.

– Trauma.

– Stress.

– Abuse.

– Anger.

– Parenting.

– Ageing.

– Grief.

– Eating problems.

– Self-confidence/self-esteem.

– Smoking.

– Bereavement.

– Physical health diagnosis.

– Relationships, including abusive ones and/or family issues.

– Codependency.

– Sex issues, including sexless/low sex/sex-starved relationships.

– Separation/divorce.

– Hoarding.

– Body image.

– Job loss/business failure.

– Phobias.

– Domestic abuse.

– Eating disorders.

– Self-harm.

– Alcoholism and all other addictions. (Drugs/substances plus behavioural addictions including gambling, shopping, workaholism, exercise addiction, sex, and relationships.)


David Hurst wellbeing coach mental health addiction alcoholism recovery


I have a Diploma (Distinction) in Counselling; and spent a number of years helping establish and counselling for a relationship & mental health charity in the UK; I have experience working at a renowned recovery & rehab centre; and I have written numerous articles for the websites of some of the most exclusive rehab recovery centres around the world.

But most importantly I have been in successful continual recovery since I first looked for help in January 2002.

From then on I have gained an abundance of understanding about mental, emotional and spiritual issues and self-improvement.


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I really hope to help as many people as possible, using some or all of my books as guidance as well as my own experience and plenty of other information and knowledge.

This is to help people get back on track, and/or gain an extra boost if needed.

And to at all times find meaning and happiness – to always become the person you’re meant to be, the person you really can be.


Recovery joy


We can do face-to-face sessions, or Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp or good old traditional phone calls.

I know it can take great courage to ask for help. But as a writer for 30 years and someone who's been helping other people for 20 years, don't worry about any of this – our conversations will flow fine.

Remember, I once reached out for help too. If I hadn't then I wouldn't be able to help as I can now.

Asking for help is the best thing I ever did. It certainly saved me from years of suffering. It most likely saved my life.

I feel very humbled, grateful and fortunate that I've met some outstanding people and been presented with just the right infromation at the right time.

As a result, I understand the real essence of what this is all truly about.


Please get in touch today for a friendly chat. I can help individuals, couples and families.

I'd really love to help you or someone you care about.

With love,