How to get the connection back in a relationship

Relationship connection

Whether it’s due to external stressors, communication breakdowns, or simply the passage of time, maintaining a strong connection in a relationship needs effort and dedication from both partners. It is always possible to reignite the spark and create that deep bond again. Here are some ways to help get the connection back in any relationship:…

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How to beat social anxiety

Social anxiety

Social anxiety is something that affects people now more than it ever has. With the warmer weather and longer daylight of Springtime comes the chance to get out more. There is more going on and an increase in social invites. For most people this is a positive to their lives. But for some people, it’s…

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Understanding love and relationship addiction

Love and relationship addiction

Falling and being in love is one of the best things in life. But for some people, the pursuit of love can be a highly destructive addictive cycle that’s called love and relationship addiction. At its core, love and relationship addiction is less about the pursuit of genuine connection and more about an attempt to…

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Why healthy boundaries are essential

Healthy boundaries

Boundaries are the invisible lines that define the limits of our personal space, emotions, and relationships. These boundaries are a crucial component of our overall wellbeing, as they shape the way we interact with the world and the people around us. Healthy boundaries are essential for maintaining physical and emotional health, fostering positive relationships and…

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How and why to “detach with love”

Detach with love "Detaching with love"

“Detaching with love” is a method people can use to protect themselves as well as heal and recover from certain unhealthy relationships and situations. It is a way of being that allows us to set boundaries and protect our wellbeing. It means we can still keep love and compassion for someone we care about –…

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How to spot a narcissist


Spotting a narcissist can be a challenge because they often create charming qualities to “hoover” people in to their world, one that’s all about them. But there are several telltale signs to be vigilant about that can indicate someone is a narcissist. Narcissism has become a widely used term today, describing a range of behaviours.…

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The great benefits of writing therapy

Writing therapy

Writing therapy is an increasingly popular technique used to help people improve their emotional wellbeing and mental health. But why are our words so powerful, why is writing therapy so useful – and what does it it involve? Our lives are deeply influenced by the thoughts and language we use. Every word we think and…

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Twelve of this era’s most influential self-help gurus

self-help gurus

Until around 50 years ago, you would have been fortunate to see even one book in a library or bookshop on mental health and wellbeing. But since then, it has slowly progressed to become the boom it is today. We are truly blessed these days that there are so many books and speakers on mental…

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There is a happy alternative – five daily habits for happiness

By consistently doing certain simple things every day, anyone can create more happiness. This will also boost positive energy levels. Choose positivity Starting the day off on the right foot is crucial for a positive mindset throughout the day, so it’s best to avoid social media, newspapers, and news broadcasts that mostly focus on negative…

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