Introducing the 12 Steps To 1 Hero video course

12 Steps to 1 Hero video course

I’ve created a series of videos to help immensely anyone who’s struggling or suffering – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

They will also give a great boost, wherever you are in life. That’s whether you’re struggling, flying high or in need of the maximum you.

Perhaps this is due to a life change. This could be such as an area or country move, relationship problems or a break-up, bereavement, mental or physical health diagnosis, job change, new business venture and so on.

My idea behind the video course is to make this phenomenal programme – a method for happy & successful living – available to even more people at an even more affordable price.

Please read on, watch the brief video on this page if you wish. There’s more on the 12 Steps To 1 Hero video course here.

They are available for £8.08 each video; or £20.20 for three videos at a time; or £77.70 for all 13 at once (it includes two videos of “Step 4 of your Hero’s Journey” when purchasing Step 4 of the course).

Also payable in Euros or US dollars, through my Paypal or bank account. I’ll provide details after you get in touch including the link/s you need to watch the video/s.

If you’d like to buy the video course, all of it or just the first one or few, please get in touch.